Whether your car is your pride and joy, a workhorse or the family car, it is important that you take care of it during the winter months. Road salt, mud and grit can damage your car’s paintwork if it is left on there for long periods of time. This blog will be looking at all the things that you need to do to keep your car looking great this winter.


Before you start to clean your car, it is important to make sure that you have all the necessary equipment. We suggest that you use the following:

  • A pressure washer (available here)
  • Two buckets (one for shampoo and one for fresh water)
  • Two washmitts (one for bodywork and one for the wheels)
  • Microfibre cloths (great for drying paintwork or removing polish)
  • Wheel brush (helps to get into all the nooks and crannies of the wheels)
  • Car shampoo, pre-cleaner, wheel cleaner and polish or wax (available here)
  • Optional snow foam (lance available here)

We also suggest that you wear appropriate clothing, to keep you warm and dry, when washing your car. We offer a great range of clothing here. Make sure that you wear appropriate footwear if the ground is icy as people often underestimate the power of their pressure washer, which can cause you to slip or fall.

The Process

Some people will spend lots of time, effort and even money to make sure that their cars look as good as when it left the showroom. This is known as detailing. If you just want to ensure that your car is clean and that any harmful salts or dirt have been removed, follow our cleaning guide:

  1. Start by spraying any cleaning detergents that you have onto your vehicle. This includes your wheel cleaner and dirt remover. Let these soak for a short while.
  2. Use the pressure washer to blast away any dirt or grime.
  3. Using the two-bucket method, rinse your washmitt in the fresh water before doing the same in the soap bucket and wash a panel of your car at a time. Once clean, rinse away the shampoo with your pressure washer and repeat the process on the other panels.
  4. Once your car is clean, we recommend drying it using a microfibre cloth. This will remove any standing water from the surface of your car and will ensure that your car does not have any water marks, which can look unsightly.
  5. After drying and polishing your car, a wax will seal your car and ensure that all your hard work is not undone and provide a protective barrier over your paintwork and wheels.
  6. To finish off your car, we recommend applying tyre shine and plastic detail as this will provide enhanced detail.

How Often Should I Wash My Car?

During the winter, we recommend washing your car at least every two weeks. Although your car will get dirty again very quickly by cleaning it whenever possible and washing away all the contaminates, it means that they have less time to affect your cars paintwork and cause potential rust issues. Some owners of classic cars may store their cars in a garage over winter as older paintwork is less advanced.

Remember to Clean the Interior

Now that the exterior of your car is nice and clean, you need to make sure that the interior is clean as well. Moisture can cause problems with your car’s interior, which can result in condensation or fogging on the inside of your windows. Therefore, it is important to keep your interior dry. You can keep the inside of your windows from fogging by applying an anti-fog solution and ensuring that your interior is kept as dry as possible. Removing excess water or snow before entering the car will also help to reduce the condensation on your windows.

We hope that our blog has given you all the necessary tips to ensure that your car looks great this winter. You can view our range of pressure washers here and cleaning accessories here. If you would like some more information on our range of pressure washers and accessories, our friendly sales team are always happy to help.